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Cosmopolitan Homes provides the best care and quality in the management of your property. We follow on the fact that a great managed property is the way forward to a great income from your investment.

Choosing Cosmopolitan Homes to manage your property saves you time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Keeping your property in excellent condition and to a high standard attracts the right tenants for you. We maintain your property to the best standards and in great working order which keeps you and your tenant happy without any inconvenience.

We at Cosmopolitan Homes will have a skilled negotiator to accompany potential tenants to view the property on your behalf.

As there are strict government regulations which must be followed by the landlord (gas safety checks, electrics, fire and furnishing regulations), we at Cosmopolitan homes take it upon ourselves to handle this for you.

Cosmopolitan Homes can advice and formulate a contract that is best for yourself in which your investment will be in full profit and suffer no setbacks. We also write up the tenancy agreement once a tenant is found and sign and co-sign on your behalf so that the tenancy can start immediately.

The deposit is taken prior to the tenant moving into the apartment. This is usually 4-6 weeks rent payment in advance which will be held in an account until the end of tenancy where a thorough inventory check is done before deposit is returned (minus deduction of damages or missing furnishings within the property).

A check-in inventory is done before tenant is required to move it. We do a full written and imaged inventory stating all items within the property in the current state so that everything is accounted for before the deposit is returned and the tenants leave.

Upon request, when a new tenant moves into a property we send out emails to the local authorities and all utility providers with the new tenants details. Sending out an email ensures confirmation and proof of us sending out details of changes and also nothing gets lost in the post which may generate more problems which we do not want for either side.

This service benefits landlord a great deal. We in our service collect monthly rents from tenants and make sure that it is deposited to you on time every month. We set up a standing order payable to ourselves, collect rent and account on a monthly basis to the landlord. We even provide the service of holding the deposit during the term time of the tenancy as well as annual rents review.

We aim to allow you to get on with your life hassle free. This is why issues such as leaks, breakages, refurbishment minor and general maintenance is something we take care of.

All the contractors we use are fully qualified, work to the best standards, and are very loyal. Our response times are fast and efficient.

As part of the service we provide, we arrange regular visits to your property whilst it is being let. We can advise on any issues that may need to be resolved.

We provide a 24hour phone line to your tenants in case of emergency or they need urgent help.

At the end of the tenancy agreement we do a check out inventory to see that everything is in working order and everything lines up with the check in inventory. After this is done deposits are returned to the tenant and tenant hands over keys. In the case a tenant wants to stay on and extend their stay we handle the renewal process in which the tenancy agreement is put into effect again unless stated otherwise by the landlord (i.e. rent increase or landlord wants new tenants for change in preference).

This service is perfect for landlord who wants the property handled entirely by us. We take full control in marketing the property, finding the tenants, preparing the tenancy agreement, running credit and reference checks, collecting deposit and advance payments, notifying service companies of user change, collecting monthly rent for landlords account, undertaking maintenance checks and repair inquires, doing a checkout inventory before tenant vacates property, negotiating with tenants the deductions of cost of damage from deposit and input government scheme, arranging deposit release, renewals if tenants want to stay on, do a property cleaning after tenancy termination, plus managing of vacant property.

Our Lettings Only Service is very similar to the Lettings Management Service. We provide you everything you need up until your property is occupied by a tenant. We market the property; prepare the tenancy agreement, run credit and reference checks, collect deposit and advance payments and hand over keys, plus we do rent collection and renewals as a plus.

Report repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We understand how inconvenient it is when things go wrong at home, that’s why our repair service is always open. You don’t have to wait until normal office hours to report a repair:

When contacting the helpline, do provide your name, the property address and a brief description of the repair along with any evidence.

Email: info@cosmohomes.co.uk

Call: 02073776111 (During office hours)

Out of hour EMERGENCY helpline: 07872 602 447

You will need to give much information as possible regarding the problem and we will pass your contact details to contractor who will contact you directly to arrange appointment.

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